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So after seeing that Matt Curtis was was removing dead links from his excellent blog on twitter this evening, I decide he could remove my blog as i’ve so been pretty slack on the updates. But after hearing that he enjoys my homebrew ramblings i’ve decide to write an update on what i’ve been cooking up over the last few months. Going forward i’ll try and keep up to date…

So here we go here are the last 8 beers brewed since my last update. 

1. Rust – Red IPA 1/12/2013
This turned out to be a great beer maybe not quite as red as i would have liked more amber, but chock full of simcoe, mosaic and nelson sauvin how could you go wrong and with a big malty backbone, will defiantly be brewing this again.

2. Steam helles  11/1/2014
A mashup, it was meant to be some that was easy to consume and didnt require to much thinking well drinking. As I don’t have the equipment needed for lagering I pitched WLP80 San Fran lager yeast on to a simple wort consisting of Pilsner, wheat ,rye malt and Perle hops after a week of fermentation I transferred it to secondary and let it sit in a cold garage for a month before bottling. Cant say this turned out that great it was drinkable but muh, might even have a box left somewhere.

3. Panda’s Sorrow – Black IPA  25/1/2014
Brewed for a black IPA competition we were having at the Birmingham homebrewers club. The malt bill was pale malt,  medium crystal, carafa III and oats then it was packed full of columbus and centennial hops. Judging was done by James kemp and my beer came first, good times. Loved this beer and it aged fairly well.

4. Spaced pale v2 – pale ale  1/2/2014
Rebrew of a pale ale, but with a new hop bill of Chinook, rakau and Cascade. Alright pale ale needed more hops.

5. Brett kazbek – Brett saison  2/3/2014
Going to call this the start of my sour phase as the next three have some form of funk in them. This was a simple saison, pilsner, flaked wheat and munich malt hopped with Czech kazbek, I dual pitched NBS saison yeast and a tube of WLP650 Brett brux this brought it down to 1.002 so nice and dry. At this point I had a load of blood oranges so racked it on to a 1kg of them where its sat now (glass carboy back left in the picture) going to bottle it this weekend.

6. Dark Cherry  10/3/2014
Not technically a brew but a bottling, this was a dark saison brewed about a year ago after fermenting I racked it onto 2kg cherries from the garden after sitting on the cherries and me randomly adding sour bottle dregs I decided I should bottle it as it was tasting pretty good. I added 4g of champagne and bottled, had the first bottle about a week ago and its great will be interesting to see how it develops over the next few years. (large swing tops on the right)

7. Sour base  14/3/2014
This is a golden Belgium beer well not really, pilsner malt, pale, munich, wheat and special b hopped at 60mins with tettnang. I pitched a tube of WLP655 belgium sour mix and after a slow start it took off and is still ticking over now (bucket on the right in picture). This will be transferred to the carboy once the saison is bottled and then will sit there till the cherries are ready in July then i’ll chuck all of the cherries in!

8. Little Brown – American brown ale  22/3/2014
Brown ale with far to many hops, amazing. Full of cascade, centennial, citra and columbus most of this when into bottles but i stuck 5L into a polypin just to see what happens (front of picture on left). Had a bottle of this over the bank holiday tasting good but needs a few more weeks in the bottle.

9. Wharf V2 – IPA  6/4/2014
Big old IPA loads of hops rebrew of an earlier IPA. Simple malt bill Pale, Muinch, Carapils and a touch of flaked wheat, then Centennial, Mosaic and Citra hops, just bottled smelt great looking forward to tasting this one.

Ok so thats it bang up to date. If anyone wants recipes for any of them give me a shout.


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